Looking for something? I’ve made changes to all the websites in the Paradigm Projects, Ltd. universe and this website will be phased out of existence by the end of 2016. If you’re looking for The Capacity Based Markup Workbook (aka the PILAO worksheet) you can find it over here on the 360 Difference website. If you’re looking for 360 Difference Building & Remodeling software it over on the the 360 Difference website too.

What and Who I Am As A Business Management & Software Consultant & Coach

Paradigm Projects, Ltd.

Paradigm Projects

Business Management Web, & Information Technology Solutions designed specifically for Builder, Remodelers, Contractors and other members of the Home & Garden Industry.

360 Difference Software for Mac Windows & iOS

360 Difference

Macintosh & Windows & iOS Information Technology Solutions for Builders, Remodelers, & Contractors

The Building and Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki.com

The Building and Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki.com

A Business & Project Management Wiki for the Building and Remodeling Industry.

What and Who I Am As A Builder Remodeler and Artisan Carpenter Mason & Painter

Paradigm Building & Remodeling

Professional Project Management Techniques and Methods Applied to Distinctive & Artistic Building & Remodeling Projects in Westchester & Fairfield Counties.



Architectural Stairbuilding and Handrailings From the People at Paradigm Projects

Summer Structures

Outdoor Living Spaces That Make Your House Your Home

Some More of My Websites Where I Blog…

Rationally Thinking Out Loud

Rationally Thinking Out Loud

Just one guy thinking out loud on a the issues in religion, atheism, politics & science.

iOS 4 Construction

iOS 4 Construction

The iOS online information source for Builders, Remodelers, and other Construction Professionals.

The Human Body Garage

The Human Body Garage

Just one guy thinking out loud while exploring the science of health, fitness, diet & nutrition.

Mac 4 Construction

Mac 4 Construction

The online information source for Builders & Remodelers dedicated to the Mac OS.

How To Dispose Of...

How To Dispose Of...

Exploring environmentally and socially responsible disposal methods for the stuff we collect in our lives.

What I Am Reading & Thinking

Estimating Paradigms – Introduction

Estimating Paradigms Paradigm — A noun meaning a typical example or pattern of something; a model. Similar to a standard, archetype, or exemplar. The Golden Rule of EstimatingConsider not only the cubic foot, cubic yard, lineal foot, square foot, pound or...

Do You Have a Project You Would Like To Work With Me On?

If you have a project whether it a website design, FileMaker database solution, kitchen & bath remodel, staircase and railing, faux painting finish, or mural, theatrical set & lighting design or whatever let’s talk.